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Your Cairns Brazilian waxing provider is Alagrea Beauty & Massage. Professional waxing services, by experienced beauty therapists, delivering outstanding Brazilian waxing results. Our salon environment and commitment to customer service ensures you will feel completely comfortable, in control and at ease throughout your entire waxing session. We use Deplive Pink™ waxing products, which are suitable for 100% of skin types and enriched with a titanium dioxide compound, to reduce skin irritations. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties. For more information or to book your Cairns Brazilian waxing treatment, contact Alagrea Beauty & Massage today. Bookings by appointment only on 0418 304 987.

Brazillian Wax

Brazilian wax refers to the hair removal from the entire pubic region. A Brazilian wax may also include leaving a thin strip of hair, running vertically, on the upper part of the pubic region. Depending on the rate of your own personal hair re-growth, the results can last from 3 to 6 weeks, although, some areas will grow back faster than others.

Cairns Brazillian Waxing | Will It Hurt?

Traditionally, a Brazilian waxing experience feels much the same as any regular body waxing experience. Understanding pain tolerance, strength of the hair, positioning of the removal and skin sensitivity, can all become important factors in the level of comfort achieved. Ultimately, the most significant factor in any hair removal process is the experience of the beautician and the quality of the waxing products involved. The good news is, the procedure does become easier, as your root system becomes weaker due to the treatment and your skin develops a natural tolerance for the procedure.

Lastly, the quality of wax for Brazilian’s is very important. The wax used at Alagrea Beauty & Massage is great for all skin types and should lessen any redness or skin irritation.

For less sensitive areas, such as the legs and arms, Alagrea Beauty & Massage uses professional, roll on rosemary wax for complete comfort. For more information, or to make a booking, contact us today on 0418 304 987.

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